Side by Side

Side by Side is our capital campaign to pay off the mortgage on our building.

In the book of Nehemiah, Nehemiah is compelled and called to go back to Jerusalem and rebuild the walls of the city in order to establish Israel as a nation and set the people on the right path with God. However, he was faced with challenges in achieving his calling. In chapter four, he calls the men to stand “Side by Side.”

In 2014, the VNC Leadership Team made the decision to raise all of the money needed for our mortgage for the year in one month. We believe by raising the funds at one time, it frees up more money for ministry. This year, we are doing it again, and we need your help to make it happen!

We may not be in the same situation as Nehemiah; however, we are in this together. If the whole VNC Tribe combines our resources, Side by Side, and does what God has asked us to do, we have nothing to fear!

How does it work?

• Using the chronological order math formula, we’ve set up numbers from 1 to 525 on a banner.

• If we collect every number value from 1 to 525, we'll have a total of over $137,000.

• This amount will cover our entire mortgage for the year.

• This helps us make sure money given for ministry purposes is used for ministries in our church and community.

• You can give to Side by Side weekly, monthly, or as a one-time gift.

What do I need to do next?

• Pray and listen to what God is asking you to do.

• Surrender to being obedient and obey the direction that is given to you.

• Let us know how much you would like to commit using the online pledge form.

How can I personally make this financially feasible?

   • Think about using some or all of your year-end bonus.

   • Use some or all of your tax return.

   • The amount you can commit to is not as important as your participation.