Graduation Form

Let us know if you're graduating from high school or college!

This has been a difficult year for our high school and college seniors. It hasn't gone the way any of us would have thought. Many students didn't get to say proper goodbyes to teachers and professors, and most won't be part of a traditional graduation ceremony. In these unusual times, we want you to know that we are still planning on putting together our annual video, honoring our graduates!

If you’re graduating from high school or a college program, congratulations! We would love for you to send us your graduation details so you can be part of our annual graduation video. Please include a graduation photo as well as a baby or grade school picture. If you're having an open house and you would like to extend an invitation to the church, send us those details, and we will add you to our graduation open house list. The deadline to submit forms is Sunday, May 31. Click the button below to get started!